Hello, it’s me

After much thought, I have decided to create a blog to document my travels, ramblings, and discoveries. For the past two months or so, I have been living and studying abroad in the beautiful city Lille. Coming to France was a huge change for me and has been both the most rewarding and most difficult transition phase in my life. During these past two months, I have travelled to wonderful cities, met some of the kindest people around, made friends from around the world, struggled to speak French, learned to drive a manual transmission car, and much more. With that said, I hope to share all of these experiences with you all and hopefully have this guide those of you who are in the same shoes as me, or will one day find yourself abroad.

I also hope to use this blog as a way to give local recommendations as well as tips and tricks. Many of my friends often ask me about travel recommendations, so why not put it all on here for all of you to see. If you love a good coffee shop, this will probably be the place for you!

So grab a cup of coffee and let’s catch up!




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