Christmas Tree Farms in the Bay Area

Ok. I am not going to lie.. I’ve been listening to Christmas music for the past.. um week two weeks. It’s bad. I have a problem. But hey, out all of the problems to have, being overly enthusiastic about Christmas doesn’t seem soooo bad.

Anywho! This year I chose to get my very first Christmas tree. Wanting to make the most of the experience, I decided to go all out and actually cut down the tree. My mom now calls me a tree murderer, but I’d like to think otherwise.

With that said, finding a tree farm required some research. So, to make all of your lives easier, I have compiled a list of tree farms in the bay area and a little information about each.


Christmas Tree Farms in the Bay Area

↟ Santa’s Tree Farm ↟  *Farm I visited this year*

Location: Half Moon Bay

Prices: ranging from $59.63 to $75.39 depending on tree type, but height does not affect overall price. Douglas Fir trees (most common) are $59.63.

Services: Provided handsaw and twine, delivery options (if needed), tree cutting assistance, credit/debit cards accepted, picnic tables, flocking (spraying tree to imitate snow), netting, fire retardant, free apple cider, Santa visits on the weekend (from 10:30a-3p until Dec. 17th).

Tree availability: Douglas Fir, Grand Fir, Concolor (White) Fir, Noble Fir, Redwood and Monterey Pine.

Website: click here


↟ Black Road Christmas Tree Farms ↟ 

Location: Los Gatos

Prices: All trees are $60

Services: Provided handsaw and a picnic area

Tree Availability: Douglas Fir, Grand Fir, White Fir, Sierra Redwood, and Scotch Pine

Website: click here


↟ Patchen Christmas Tree Farm ↟

Location: Los Gatos


(Taken from their website)

Services: Daily bonfires at 4pm, wine tasting Friday afternoons, picnic areas, dogs allowed on leashes, gift shop open daily, free wifi, free hot mulled cider, free photos with Santa, free candy canes,

Website: click here


↟ Crest Ranch Choose and Cut Christmas Tree Farm ↟

Location: Santa Cruz

Prices: Douglas Firs, Pines, Cedars, and Cypresses:
$51.00 to 5 feet, $3.50 per additional 1/2 ft.

White Firs and Greek Fir Varieties:
$58.00 up to 5 feet, $4.00 per additional 1/2 ft.

Fresh Pre-cut 8′-9′ Noble and Nordmann Firs
$85. – $90. (available Nov. 30th while supplies last)


Services: Free parking, saws are provided, free net wrapping and twine, tree carts are available, snack bar, picnic area, beautiful views, over 20 varieties of christmas trees, and dogs are welcomed

Tree availability: Douglas Fir, White Fir, Arizona Cypress, Austrian Pine, Sugar Pine, Atlantic Cedar, Leyland Cypress, Sierra Redwood, and Scotch Pine.



Other Farms to Consider :

↟ Skyline Ranch Christmas Tree Farm | La Honda, CA

↟ Castro Valley Christmas Tree Farm | Castro Valley, CA

↟ Summit Christmas Tree Farm | Los Gatos, CA

↟ Battaglia Ranch Christmas Tree Farm | San Martin, CA


I hope this list helps those of you looking for some festive fun. Ian and I ended up having a blast picking out this year’s tree! If you’re looking for a good workout, I would definitely recommend cutting down your own Christmas tree this year!


~ Britt

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