Home for the Holidays

Well. Kinda? I’m spending the rest of this week back home in Chicago.. going back to the Bay Sunday.. and then working.. and then flying back to Chicago.. and then to Portland for a few days.. and then back to the Bay.. and working.

Wow. Typing that just made me tired. Whew.

Anyway, this month has A LOT in store for me, but that’s what makes like fun! My caffeine levels are definitely going to skyrocket.. but hey, coffee is delicious.. so that’s 100% ok with me!


Before heading home for the week, I was in Santa Cruz watching the sunset on the beach (which I will probably write a post on). Fast forward a day, I was sitting on a plane watching the California sunrise behind me.. only to wake up to a white landscape as the plane began its descent into Chicago. Such a strange feeling! One moment the sky is pink and purple.. the next it’s all white and gray.


Once in Chicago, I was immediately greeted by the ever so familiar chilled wind. I almost forgot how cold it gets in Chicago, but rest assured, I quickly remembered. lrg_dsc05897

Due to the insanely uncomfortable temperatures from this week, I have been spending a majority of my time indoors. While this is certainly not ideal for me, considering that I am someone who has a difficult staying indoors for long periods of time, I have been enjoying spending time with the dogs and admiring my mom’s Christmas decorations.


To keep myself busy, I have been spending my time reading, catching up with my family, actually watching TV, and photographing my dogs for this year’s Christmas card.

lrg_dsc05939 Fergus (the darker Irish Wolfhound picture on the left), is not very fond of getting his photo taken.. but Seamus (the lighter Irish Wolfhound) did not mind me snapping away. That being said, most of the photos that turned out were of Seamus.


Now that I only have a few days left at home before heading back to the Bay for work this upcoming week, I have been trying to spend as much time as I can with my family. I have also been trying my best to sleep in.. but these past two days have consisted of early mornings due to Everett’s (my brother) Lasik surgery. Thankfully, his surgery went well and his eyes seem to be recovering just fine 🙂

As for other new news, I actually have some very exciting news… I am getting my own very first.. puppy! He will be coming home December 29th and I am beyond excited, and a little nervous, but mostly excited 🙂

img_3506.jpgHis name is Winston and he is a Saint Berdoodle. “What the heck is a Saint Berdoodle?”, you may ask. Well, to answer your question, Saint Berdoodles are half Saint Bernard and half Poodle. In other words, he’s going to be a giant fluff ball. I am stoked!

That’s all for now!

Talk soon,


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