Getting into the Swing of Things

It’s crazy how time flies when you’re busy! Getting a puppy definitely is a part-time full-time job!


(A picture of Winston’s first night at home)

Winston’s first few weeks at home were both fun and tiring. Working full-time and letting a puppy out every hour or so during the middle of the night was exhausting. Thankfully, Winston now sleeps throughout the night and now so do I! However, I would do it all again in a heart beat.

5cae065c-3928-4721-9899-bdc9597cdd67It has been so much fun watching him grow and play. When I first brought him home, he weighed around 15lbs.. and he now weighs 32 lbs .. at 15 weeks old. He’s getting BIG. He also has a BIG personality and attitude. I have never seen a dog pout before, but this little guy sure likes to let me know when he is annoyed! The photo above was taken when he was taking a nap and I woke him up. I like to annoy him sometimes πŸ˜‰

img_1367Besides spending all of my time with Winston, working, traveling for work, and sleeping; I have been using the rest of my time socializing or planning mini trips. What I have not been doing: working out and eating right.

Now that Winston is getting bigger and things are calming down, I am making little changes to improve my health! With that said, I will also be dedicating time to update this blog and share my adventures along the way. These next few months are going to be full of excitement and change, so making sure I am making healthy choices will be necessary for me to feel my absolute best.

So what’s on the calendar for these next few months?

  • A surprise day planned by Ian (the planner in me is dying to know what the plan is)
  • Lots of meetings for work
  • Winston’s puppy classes
  • A trip to San Diego
  • Potential: weekend in Chicago
  • A weekend in Las Vegas
  • Everett’s birthday
  • Ashley’s birthday
  • Graduation parties
  • Ian’s brother’s wedding
  • Probable: moving apartments

And while I have a lot on my calendar at the moment, I am so excited for everything I have planned so far.

904e66b5-47db-48c3-88a5-3ee7274de782That’s all for now!Β  Talk to you all soon!


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