A Night in SF

Holy moly. How is it already Monday?? This weekend went by waay too fast.


Never have been bar hopping in SF, Ian and I decided to head to the city and test out a few destinations. One of my coworkers raved about a sports bar downtown, called Golden Gate Taproom, so we decided to begin our night there.


I managed to miraculous score free parking right outside the front of the entrance, which was a major PLUS. In fact, the entire night I was extremely lucky with parking. I assure you, this is usually not the case for me. Trips to SF often involve me circling around in my car for an hour before finally landing a spot.


Golden Gate Taproom consists of two floors, all of which have screens streaming games throughout the building. Unfortunately, the Blackhawks were not on while we were there, but if they were.. I may have not left 😉


Being a taproom, their beer menu is both expansive but also reasonably priced, especially for being downtown in SF. Their food menu consisted of typical sports bar food – hamburgers, sandwiches, salads, and pub snacks. Ian and I opted for their pub snacks, ordering: buffalo wings, jalapeno poppers, and mozzarella sticks. Diet completely out the window, but hey, you have to enjoy the weekends 🙂

img_4478Not only do they have games streaming, beer flowing, and food to munch on… they also have games to play!

a880ffaa-4861-41f3-a039-0757ce436a4aIf you’re looking for a fun place to grab drinks, watch a game, and hangout with friends, I would highly recommend giving this place a try!


After Golden Gate Taproom, we stumbled upon a small local bar called Tunnel Top Bar. While this bar may be small, the atmosphere is both cozy and welcoming. A majority of the people we encountered there were locals, many of which frequent the bar on a weekly basis.


After enjoying a drink at the Tunnel Top Bar, we headed over to Urban Putt for some mini golf fun. I had been to Urban Putt two years ago and had an absolute blast. Ian had never been there before, so I thought it would be fun for us to visit!

6f5a3c40-a917-427e-ab9c-9449f1dc0e09Urban Putt is located in the Mission District of SF and has 14 elaborately designed courses.


Not only is Urban Putt located in the city with indoor courses, but they also have a bar. At Urban Putt, you can order food and drinks AND take your food and drinks onto the greens. So. Much. Fun.

img_4494We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy a drink and have some fun mini-golfing, so we made a stop at Urban Putt’s bar. I ordered a drink called “Rosemary Baby” which consisted of rosemary infused Aperol, whiskey, honey, lemon, and soda water. Absolutely delicious.

Urban Putt also has a restaurant location on the second floor, just incase all the mini-golfing managed to increase your appetite. Overall, I would say Urban Putt has everything you could ask for: fun, drinks, snacks, and food. What more else could you want?

That being said, I highly recommend you check out Urban Putt if you are in the SF. It’s a great place to go with friends or even dates 😉

Where are your favorite SF evening destinations?


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