Spring Showers & April Flowers

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. It’s April showers bring May flowers. BUT, I have to tell ya, flowers are in full bloom here in the Bay Area.
img_5171Now that the weather is getting nicer out and Winston is learning to enjoy walking.. for longer than 5 minutes (ha!), I have been enjoying more after work walks with my little guy… or maybe not so little. He just weighed in at 49lbs and just turned 5 months old yesterday! How time flies!

img_5189Anywho, I feel like there is so much I need to update you all on. These past few months have been absolutely crazy- but full of lots of fun. That being said, I thought I would first recap this past weekend with you all and then get to all of the other stuff later 🙂

So let’s get started, shall we?


This past weekend Ian and I decided to leave our normal stomping grounds and explore Berkeley. I had been to Berkeley a handful of times in the past but never really spent an entire day walking around and taking it all in. Ian, had only been there once before. So we thought it would be fun to explore a bit!


Our first stop was at one of the cutest little taprooms I have ever seen. The walls were pink and beautifully decorated with green tiles and plants.. everywhere. I was obsessed.

img_5204Not to mention, their name – Roses’ Taproom – was  as cute as their ambiance. I highly recommend stopping by and enjoying a beer there if you are ever in the area. They have a limited selection of beers, but they were very refreshing and unique in flavor. You can check out their beer menu: here.

img_5205After enjoying a beer at Roses’ Taproom, we headed over to a nursery we passed by on our way to Roses’ and decided to walk around and look at their plants. I have been on a HUUUGE plant kick lately. Now that the weather has been getting nicer I have been spending more time on my patio – making me want more plants and flowers on my patio 🙂

img_5208The plants at the nursery were absolutely gorgeous, but to be honest, pretty pricey. With that said, Ian and I chose to look at plants at the good ol’ Home Depot 😉

img_5211We then headed to the iconic Telegraph Ave and enjoyed browsing the aisles of Moe’s Books and thrifting in Buffalo Exchange. img_5219After walking around for a few hours we worked up an appetite and found a quaint tapas restaurant on Google. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, the wait was 1.5 hours. Having a craving for Spanish tapas, we looked up other tapas restaurants in the area and found a Spanish restaurant, called Shakewell, located in Oakland.

img_5220Like the other restaurant we visited, Shakewell’s tables were filled and the wait was uncertain. However, the bar seating was first come, first serve. Fortunately for us, a table opened up right as we walked in. Being in a Spanish restaurant, I just had to order a Sangria 😉


What we did not realize before sitting down.. was the price range of their menu items. I am not going to lie, my eyes may have opened a little wider once I saw the prices. Wanting to save a little money, Ian and I chose to order their Papas Bravas (“spicy potatoes”) and paella to share.

The Papas Bravas were absolutely AMAZING. We both could not get enough of them!

img_5226The paella was also ridiculously good!

img_5227To our surprise, the food was extremely filling. We ended up needing a take out box for the paella.

img_5240To wrap up our weekend, we enjoyed brunch in Los Gatos and then painted ceramics at Petroglyph.


Realizing that I do not actually own a flower vase, I decided to paint a vase for my apartment. Looks like I won’t be using wine bottles as flower holders for a while, haha! I also have been slowly buying different bowls and plates to have an assorted collection of colorful dinnerware, so Ian chose to add to that collection by painting a bowl. Overall, we had an absolute blast painting! I definitely want to spend more time painting, it’s both rewarding and relaxing 🙂

img_5261After sending our ceramics off to be glazed, we headed over to Home Depot to pick out a few plants for the balcony aaaaaand that just about sums up last weekend! This weekend I plan on doing absolutely nothing. Ha! But really. I can’t wait to just relax, read, and play with Winston 🙂


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