Midweek Catch up & Cinco de Mayo Festivities

Helloooo and Happy Hump Day!

This week has gone by both quickly and slowly. Besides working, sleeping, and eating… I haven’t been doing very much. My evenings have consisted of playing with Winston, cooking dinner, and watching Grimm with Ian.

img_5417I would also like to point out that Winston is absolutely crazy. The photo above accurately depicts our relationship haha!

Cinco de Mayo Festivities


While I do not have much to report from the past few days, I do want to tell you all about what I did for Cinco de Mayo this year! I know that Cinco de Mayo is a heavily commercialized holiday in the United States – where tacos and margaritas are all the rage. However, Cinco de Mayo is different for me. Yes, I do partake in celebrating with Mexican food and a drink.. or maybe two.. but it reminds me of my family. Growing up, my family always celebrated Cinco de Mayo together. While I never truly celebrated the holiday for what it really is, I celebrated my grandpa and my family’s Mexican roots. While I may only be a quarter Mexican, which shocks most, I enjoy celebrating that quarter of me every year on May 5th.

(from Luna Mexican Kitchen’s Website)

This year, being 2,000 miles away from my family, I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with Ian. I had been to Luna Mexican Kitchen with my brother a month or two prior and remembered how positive my experience was.


The interior had a cozy yet trendy feel to it. The walls are plain with a pop of bright blue by the bar. The exposed brick, wood, and stones just top of the aesthetic experience for me. I am a huge sucker for all of the materials used in building what is now a lively Mexican restaurant in San Jose! Honestly, I could go on for hours about how perfect their interior design is…

img_5461Anywho! Besides their adorable interior and exterior, they do have delicious food and drinks. Being Cinco de Mayo, Ian and I just haaad to order a drink while there. Rather than getting margaritas, we chose to switch things up and get sangrias.

img_5454And boy oh boy, they were goooooooooood. Ian could not stop raving about how his sangria may have been the best sangria he had ever had. That being said, he has only had  3 sangrias in his life.. so I’m not sure how much that says BUT I would have to agree with him. They were GOOD. I highly recommend ordering one if you ever decide to give Luna Mexican Kitchen a try 🙂

img_5460Happy Ian 🙂

img_5463.jpgNot only were the sangrias absolutely amazing, but the food was pretty darn good too. Ian and I decided to splurge on a mixed grill Parrillada – or BBQ. The menu price for the mixed grill parrillada was definitely higher than I would have liked to spend, however, being a holiday and seeing one on another table.. we could not resist trying it out for ourselves. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself, ya know?


AND it was definitely worth it. The meat was served on a hot plate along with green rice, beans, and tortillas. Safe to say, we had leftovers for the following night!


Overall experience: very positive! Ian was hesitant about going there for dinner that night but is now a huge fan!

Atmosphere: A+  – lively and cozy, all at the same time!

Food: A+  – try a Parrillada if you are willing to splurge! Otherwise try their Mole Poblano Enchiladas. All of their food is flavorful and very filling. Not to mention, their tortillas are made fresh – right near their entrance!

Drinks: A+  – I have tried both their sangria and one of their margaritas and enjoyed both. I would highly recommend ordering a sangria here though.

Service: A+  – Staff is very friendly and helpful

Wait: Depends. On Cinco de Mayo, Ian and I waited almost an hour. By the time we were leaving, the wait time had gone up to 90 minutes. On the other hand, I came here another time with my brother and were seated upon entering. It was a Tuesday night, so that could be why our wait was non-existent.

Price: Spendy – for a Mexican restaurant. However, the price is worth it. Their food makes up for the large bill at the end!

What did you do for Cinco de Mayo?

Do you have a favorite Mexican restaurant?

~ Britt ~




2 thoughts on “Midweek Catch up & Cinco de Mayo Festivities

  1. LOVE your website! Glad that you and Ian enjoyed last weekend holiday. Mexico does not celebrate this holiday at all. Life is good!


  2. Winston is a cutie! Happy to hear you had a good Cinco de Mayo. I’ve been on a sangria kick myself, it just feels right haha


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