Mother’s Day Weekend Adventures

Hello hello!

I feel like just a moment ago I woke up to get ready for work and now I am about to head to bed. Where does time go? I guess time moves pretty fast when you’re busy!

This weekend also went by insanely fast! Then again, that’s how weekends always seem to go!


img_5558.jpgThis Saturday started off by grabbing coffee with my sister and meeting up with one of my best friends from college – Maddie. The three of us had some shopping to do, so we headed over to the mall to attempt checking off our shopping lists.

img_5555We all failed. None of us found what we were looking for. I was searching for two dresses for my upcoming Vegas trip and struggled to find anything that was not ridiculously expensive, for Prom, or straight-up ugly looking. It’s amazing how difficult dress shopping can be!

Afterward our shopping and grabbing lunch with the girls, I picked Winston up and brought him over to Ian’s for some play time from all of Ian’s friends. Winston LOVES attention, so by the end of the day, he was absolutely pooped. I’d say that’s a win-win. Winston is happy from getting lots of attention and I am happy that he is tired and I can relax!


img_5568This Mother’s Day I did not get to spend the day with my mother – partially because I live around 2,000 miles from her, but also because she happens to be travelling right now with my brother. Safe to say, I am insanely jealous of all of the fun they are having 😉

That being said, Ian’s mother doesn’t live nearby either, so the two of us decided to enjoy our Sunday together by exploring Los Altos and grabbing lunch at Santana Row!

img_5579Ian had been raving to me about a place called Sino at Santana Row, so we finally decided to grab food there together.

img_5571Their dinner menu is a taaad expensive, so we had been putting off eating there for the past few months. This time, we made it to Sino during their lunch hours, so we decided treat ourselves to a nice lunch 🙂

img_5572Ian suggested getting their Kalbi Steak tacos – which were incredible. I HIGHLY recommend you try them if you ever find yourself at Sino!

img_5573We also ordered their Banh Mi Kobe Sliders and well, they were good too. What a shocker.

SINO Review

Overall Experience: the food? Absolutely amazing. The ambiance? Wonderful. The service? Not so great.. Would I ever come back? Absolutely.

Atmosphere:  A+ – super trendy and lively. Fun restaurant to grab drinks with friends and hangout. Maybe not a great place to have an important dinner with your great grandparents. It can get pretty loud inside!

Food: A+ – everything we ordered was amazing. I highly recommend coming for lunch, they serve Asian Tapas during lunch, which are extremely tasty. Try their: Banh Mi Kobe Sliders if you like jalapenos & their Kalbi Steak tacos. Also worth trying: their Krab Rangoons.

Drinks: A+ – drinks were awesome. Of course.

Service: D – honestly, I was pretty shocked at how wonderful their food was and how.. not so wonderful their service was. I am not sure if something happened that day and they were short on people, but the service was incredibly slow. It took us 30 minutes to even find out who our waitress was and all of the tables around us were in similar positions. It was not too crowded, so it was a little confusing why there was no one really around to take orders. That being said, Ian informed me that the service was a lot better when he ate their with his mom a few months prior. So we could have just caught them on an off day.

Wait: 5 minute wait for lunch. It was not a matter of finding a table, it was more just having someone take us to one. I would imagine that going for dinner would have a bit of a wait.

Price: Spendy! It is a lot cheaper if you come here for lunch, so if you are on a budget, consider visiting Sino a little earlier in the day. Their food is absolutely amazing, but be prepared to spend some money.

How did you spend Mother’s Day?

~ Britt



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