Packing, Photographing, & Procrastinating

I am beginning to think that time moves at a faster rate the older you get. Holy moly. I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that at this time last year I was preparing to graduate from college and enter the reeeal world.

DSC06898Now, here I am, one year out of college and taking graduation pictures for my friends and family. I think the combination of being on campus and packing up my apartment is solidifying the fact that I am moving on to the next chapter in my life, which is both exciting and a little scary. I absolutely loved studying at Santa Clara, so it will be bittersweet saying goodbye to the Bay in less than two weeks.

DSC06868Nevertheless, taking grad photos for my sister and friends was so much fun! I love getting the opportunity to practice and improve my photography, so I definitely learned a lot from all of the photos I took over this past week!




So much fun 🙂 I am so proud of all of the soon-to-be graduates!

Berkeley Fun

Besides taking grad photos, I have been running around packing, avoiding packing, and trying to make the most out of my time left in the Bay. That being said, I thought it would be fun for Ian and I to spend Saturday hanging out in Berkeley!

DSC06940Wanting to stop by Five, a restaurant we found on Yelp, we decided to head over to Jupiter to wait until they opened for dinner at 5:30 pm. That being said, I could not help but try one of their beers, and oh my gosh, was that a great idea. For those of you IPA lovers out there, Jupiter does not mess around when it comes to beer.  Pictured above is their “Blueberry Haze” unfiltered IPA and I highly recommend you try this seasonal beer should you ever find yourself wandering the streets of Berkeley.

DSC06941To compliment our beers, Ian and I decided to snack on their Petaluma Chicken Wings.. and of course they were incredible. Definitely different, but sooo good.

Jupiter Review:

Overall Experience: A+ great service, incredible beer, and Ian approved wings.

Atmosphere:  A+ Gothic inspired interior with laid back vibes

Beer: A+ the Blueberry Haze was among my favorite IPAs I have tried.

Service: quick and friendly

Price: Average

DSC06948After hanging out a Jupiter, we headed over to Five. It was definitely a switch in vibes from Jupiter! People in Jupitor sat back and enjoyed a beer or two with friends and family. The atmosphere was lively yet comfy. Five, on the other hand was less lively and more upscale in both appearance and menu price.

DSC06947While I typically prefer lively restaurants, I loved the interior design of Five.

DSC06949The bright walls and modern aesthetics made for a calm dining experience.

DSC06944Or, as calm as they get, ha!



Seeing that they had Papas Bravas on their menu, Ian and I jumped at the opportunity to try them and compare them to previous Papas Bravas we ordered. While they certainly were good, I still have to give first place to Cafe Ba-ba-reeba (in Lincoln Park, Chicago) and second place to Shakewell (in Oakland, CA).


Already filling up on appetizers, Ian and I decided to try ordering one more appetizer – Moroccan Pork Meatballs. Thoughts? They were okay. Tasty, but not out of this world.

Sunday Happenings

DSC06957As for today, I spent my morning off with some good ol’ coffee and some Sponge Bob. Yes, I am a young professional.. and I still watch Sponge Bob from time to time. It’s nice watching shows from my childhood while starting off my day 🙂

DSC06958Winston was also absolutely adorable all day today, so I had to snap a few photos of him. He had surgery last week and has been pent up for the past week or so which has been pretty tough on him. Thankfully, his two weeks of “rest” are almost over. His follow up appointment is this upcoming Thursday, so I can’t wait to take him on long walks again! He needs the exercise.

DSC06966Besides hanging out with Winston and watching Sponge Bob, I spent a good portion of today packing up the apartment. For those of you who do not already know, I hate packing and I am a huge procrastinator when it comes to packing. Thankfully, Ian has been awesome at pushing me to pack ahead of time, rather than rushing a day or two before the move. I just hate looking at boxes in my living room and watching my decorations disappear into those boxes.

Anywho, that’s all for now! Hope you all had a nice weekend!

~ Britt

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