A FAIR-ly Good Weekend

Hello friends and family!

It is currently Sunday and I am currently sitting on my sofa watching Gotham and thinking about how excited I am to go to work tomorrow. HA! Why do weekends fly by so fast?


With our lease coming to an end this October, Ian and I have started looking around for new apartments. Our current apartment is just outside of Portland, and while we love our apartment, the commute to work absolutely sucks. However, the apartment we are living in currently is a part of the same company that my previous apartment in the Bay Area belonged to. That being said, I was able to transfer my lease rather than breaking it by moving into our current apartment.

Now that we are looking for apartments again, we have been taking our time and doing our research on where to make our next move. Funny enough, we happened to stumble upon one of the cutest neighborhoods a few weeks ago when we were looking for an Urgent Care (story on that here) in Portland.

The Waiting Room


After driving through Goose Hallow, we decided to have a date night Friday and explore the area a little more. We decided to have dinner at The Waiting Room, which turned out to be a great choice!

img_6236Rather than eating indoors, we chose to eat outside. The weather on Friday was absolutely perfect and the atmosphere outside was fun! Everyone enjoyed sipping on a cold drink while enjoying some good ol’ Southern food under summery string lights.

img_6226As for their food, everything looked and sounded amazing. The prices? Meeeh, but it was date night, so treating ourselves we did!

img_6232We typically like to share food, which was perfect considering that most their menu was categorized as share plates, so we decided to try their andouille sausages to start off.. and boy were they good.


After the sausages, we topped off our dinner with The Waiting Room‘s notorious fried chicken. I now know why their chicken is notorious.. because wow. Both Ian and I agreed that their fried chicken may have been the best fried chicken we have ever had. Then again.. most of my fried chicken knowledge stems from good ol’ KFC!


Needless to say, if you are ever in Portland and are looking for some good fried chicken, give The Waiting Room a try!


Fair Fun

Not sure if any of you caught me trying to be punny, but I tried being punny in this post’s title. Ian just faced palmed himself after I showed it to him – that’s when I know that I came up with something good! HA!

Anywho! Ian, some friends, and I went to the County Fair yesterday and had an absolute blast! I am really regretting not taking more photos, but I guess it’s because I was too busy having fun 🙂

img_6239While the fair was packed with people, it was also packed with things to do. Along with the usual fair attractions, such as rides and fair food, there were beer tents, performances, dirt bike shows, art stalls, body piercing tents (what..?), and so on. It was definitely an experience! I think my favorite part of it all was eating a hotdog and sipping on some cold beer with Ian and our friends under string lights, watching people dance to a small town country singer perform. Definitely a night to remember 🙂

img_6244As for today, Ian and I took things pretty slow. It was 95 degrees out here and well, the fair food didn’t feel as good as it tasted…

We did, however, make our way out to the dog park with Winston. Unfortunately, no one else seemed to share our love for going to the dog park because there was absolutely no one else there. Hmm. Maybe it was due to it being 95 degrees outside?? Probably should have thought about the heat before leaving!

And that just about sums up my weekend!

What did you do this weekend?

When was the last time you went to a fair?

~ Britt

2 thoughts on “A FAIR-ly Good Weekend

  1. My weekend was not as fun-filled as yours! I spent my Saturday running to and from work until midnight. Sunday I took the boys to the park and was called in to work for a few hours, again. I watched a couple of episodes of Sleepy Hallow and called it a night.


    1. Boooooooo. I do need to watch Sleepy Hallow though. Just started watching Gotham, so maybe I’ll start watching it in a week or two when I finish the series haha


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