A Dairy Good Weekend

I am currently sitting on the couch laughing at the fact that my post titles are 1) ridiculously lame 2) way too alike . To give you a better understanding of what I mean by this, please see my previous post (A Fair-ly Good Weekend) to see what I am talking about. I make myself laugh, so I guess that is all that matters, right?!


Tillamook Creamery

For weeks now, Ian has been telling me about the infamous Tillamook Creamery. Finally, after weeks of dreaming about cheese and ice cream – we made the hour and ten minute trek over to Tillamook, OR.


Once we arrived to the Creamery, I was immediately impressed by the fresh architectural design of the newly renovated building captured just behind Ian. I also got a kick out of the large cow mural hanging above the entrance.

img_6502Once inside, we were greeted by floating cheese pieces and fun facts about the Tillamook dairy farms. I knew from just looking at the floating cheese pieces that I was going to like this place, and I sure was right.


img_6468Upstairs, you could observe the cheese making process, learn about cheese production, and even taste Tillamook’s variety of cheeses.

img_6472The cheese tasting lines were absolutely insane, but Ian and I were determined to have our cheese – no matter what the wait! I think we may try revisiting in the winter time when the tourism season dies down a little.


Our favorite cheese was Tillamook’s Cape Meares. Wow. The cheese was so good, we bought two bricks of it to bring home πŸ™‚

img_6489After cheese tasting, Ian and I decided to learn a little more about the cheese we ate by walking through their observational assembly line.


img_6480img_6481I would say the coolest part about watching Tillamook packaging cheese, was the packaging of 45 lb cheese bricks!

img_6478Not only did Tillamook offer an insight into their cheese making process, but they also educated their visitors on the original producers of their cheese – the cows!

img_6477In this section of the creamery, we had the opportunity to learn about the various dairy cow breeds and the characteristics of their milk. Prior to visiting the Tillamook Creamery, I had no clue that different types of dairy cows could produce a variety of different milk consistencies and flavors. For example, Holsteins produce milk in large quantities, however, their milk is lower in butterfat and protein. Jersey cows, on the other hand, produce milk high in butterfat. That being said, dairy farmers will utilize milk from various cows for a variety of products. For example, dairy farmers will use the milk from Jersey cows in dairy products requiring a creamier consistency (such as greek yogurt and icecream) and the milk from Holsteins for your everyday drinking milk.

Call me nerdy, but I really found learning about different cow varieties to be very interesting. If you want to learn more about dairy cows, I found this website to be interesting πŸ™‚

img_6473After learning all about Tillamook’s cows and cheese production, Ian and I decided to stop by the gift store for some treats to bring home!

img_6501To my surprise, the gift store was not only filled with Tillamook merchandise, but also products produced by other local farmers in Oregon. They strategically paired up with local producers and crackers and wine to pair with their famous cheese. I have to say, Tillamook’s marketing, merchandise, and business operations team is absolutely killing it. I was in awe the entire time. If there is a company who knows how to brand itself, its Tillamook. #goals


Now that I am sitting at home writing this post, I am beginning to crave Tillamook cheese. Too bad it’s 10 pm and I need to go to bed soon!

img_6505After all the shopping, Ian and I worked up a bit of an appetite. Wanting to save lunch for one of our favorite breweries, we decided to treat ourselves to the luxuriously creamy Tillamook ice cream. Also, on a random side note, how cool is the photograph behind me?? I think I drove Ian crazy talking about how much I liked that photo!

Just a pic of me being me


Ian and I always forget to take pictures together, so I managed to get this one of us while at the Creamery πŸ™‚ I looked a bit sleepy in this photo but I am just happy I finally remembered to get a picture with the two of us.


After a 15 minute or so wait in line, we finally placed our orders. Ian was more than happy when he got his chocolatey chip cookie dough single scoop icecream in a waffle bowl.

img_6544I ordered their Oregon Hazelnut and Salted Caramel single scoop ice cream cone. To our surprise, the single scoops were not quite single scoops. Our ice cream portions were HUGE!!!

img_6538Safe to say, we had a blast at the Tillamook Creamery. I had no idea I would leave the Creamery a bigger fan of Tillamook products than when I had walked in. I am absolutely in love with the company’s business strategy and their desire to gain customer loyalty through providing their customers with high quality dairy products. Everything about the Creamery was perfect – and I do not say that lightly. If you ever find yourself in Oregon, please do try giving the Tillamook Creamery a visit πŸ™‚

Tillamook Creamery Visiting Tips:

  • If you are not one for crowds try visiting – in the morning close to opening or during a weekday. The weekend tends to be pretty busy in the afternoon, especially around noon.
  • Expect lines for cheese tasting and when ordering food
  • If ordering ice cream – keep in mind their serving sizes! If you are not looking to eat a lot of ice cream try to share a single scoop with someone. Their single scoop servings are ridiculously large. (Trust me, Ian and I wished we would have known before ordering two single scoops).

Tillamook General Information:

  • Address:Β 4175 N Hwy 101, Tillamook, OR 97141
  • Admission: FREE
  • Cheese tasting: FREE
  • Website: click here


Pelican Brewing Company


img_6548After eating more icecream than I care to admit, Ian and I headed to Pelican Brewing for lunch. We first visited Pelican Brewing Company when we visited Cannon Beach a few weeks ago (a post will be coming in the near future) and immediately fell in love with the brewery. This time, we decided to try visiting their brewery down the street from the Tillamook Creamery.

img_6549This time around, I was not very hungry – thanks to the ice cream I had just consumed – so I stuck with their famous clam chowder soup. The first time I had tried their clam chowder my mind was absolutely blown, so I knew I needed order it again πŸ™‚

Unfortunately, we could not spend too much time at Pelican Brewing Company due to Winston being at the groomers, so we headed home after finishing our lunch.


After shaving Winston and grooming him ourselves, Ian and I decided to take him into the groomers for the first time. I had been putting off spending money on getting him groomed, because honestly.. I could not get myself to pay more for Winston’s hair to be cut than my own. That being said, I finally got over it and took him in – Winston’s fur was becoming to difficult to keep from matting :/

img_6561And boy am I glad we finally made the choice to take him in! He is now matfree and fluffier than ever!

As for the rest of our weekend, we spent Saturday night watching the Pirates of the Caribbean with one of Ian’s friends. Sunday morning, we ran a few errands and headed over to Ian’s parents’ house for dinner.

And wow, where has time gone, it is now almost 11 pm and I have work in the morning. That being said, I am going straight to bed! Hope all of you had a nice weekend!

~ Britt



4 thoughts on “A Dairy Good Weekend

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. Wow what a fun weekend you both had. I too learned a lot about dairy which I did not know. After all I do like all dairy foods. Very interesting reading. Looking forward to your next blog. Love grandma ❀️


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