Labor Day Weekend Adventures

Hello friends and family!

It is me again. I am currently writing you all from one of the most adorable coffee shops in Portland. I haven’t had the chance to explore much of Portland’s coffee scene, so Ian and I decided it was time to venture outwards and try somewhere new šŸ™‚


For a girl who loves a good coffee shop, I sure did choose the right city to move to šŸ˜‰

img_6769With all of life’s most recent changes – changes in which I cannot wait to share with you all in due time – Ian and I decided to work on rewriting our budget. As I have mentioned in the past, our current lease only goes until October.. so it is almost time for us to put in our 30 day notice.. which means we need to figure out where exactly we are moving to. That being said, we have been apartment hunting for the past few weeks and are looking to increase our monthly rent – awesome – which means.. an updated budget!

img_6767To make our budget planning more fun, we decided to try out Sterling Coffee Roasters šŸ™‚ It’s funny because, we are here to work on our budget and in reality, I am here writing to you all and Ian is the one actually working on the budget! Gotta put his Finance degree to good use!


Anyway, as I sit here writing and thinking about coffee shops, I think I may eventually write a post on coffee shops in the Portland area šŸ™‚ I will also try to add to my city guides that I have been working on for other areas I happen to explore – SF, Chicago, Casper, etc. If you have any places, restaurants or coffee shops that you absolutely adore, please comment on this post below so that I can add it to my city guides šŸ™‚

Bernie’s Southern Bistro & Birthday Celebrations

To kick off our three day weekend, Ian and I went out with a few friends for one of their birthdays after work Friday night.


Rather than heading to our usual wing spot, we decided to switch things up and try out Bernie’s Southern Bistro, and boy were we not disappointed! During the summer months, seating is on their back patio area, which is where I snapped the photo of the flowers above!

img_6630As it got later in the evening, the patio area became livelier and somehow prettier than when we first walked in.

img_6629As for the food, it was nothing short of amazing. I am a HUGE jambalaya fan, have been since high school, so I obviously ordered what I love most. The prices? Not so great, but the food definitely made up for them.

Overall, I would definitely go back again sometime in the future. Everything everyone ordered looked amazing. I just need to give my wallet some time to recuperate!

Apartment Hunting

With our 30 day notice just around the corner, Ian and I have kicked off our apartment hunting by scheduling apartment tours. We have been touring apartments for the past few weeks and just haven’t found the right place for us. Before heading to our appointments for Saturday, we swung by Blue Star Donuts for some apartment hunting fuel šŸ˜‰

img_6644We also made a quick coffee stop to pair with our sugary donuts. Healthy? Nope! But hey, it’s the weekend.. so that’s ok, right???

img_6661The first apartment we toured, we had very high expectations for. It’s location, amenities, and style all aligned with what we were looking for.. except for their layouts and pricing. For some reason, someone thought it would be a great idea to build a bunch of studios and lofts, rather than one bedroom apartments.. so there seems to be a shortage of one bedroom apartments and a surplus of open floor plans.

img_6650Unfortunately, an open layout will not work for the two of us and our hyper active puppy. Not having a bedroom door just seems like a recipe for disaster – Winston would have free reign of the apartment – and me – no where to hide from that crazy dog. I love that fluffy dog, but man, sometimes I need some space from his dog breath and uncoordinated movements!

The apartment roof was nice though. Too bad their rooms were too small and overpriced :/

img_6686After apartment hunting, we decided to walk around a nearby Pottery Barn. I was SO excited to see that their fall line has already been released. So exciting. I know it is still technically summer, but I’m ready for fall.

img_6692Also, I have been in love with Pottery Barn since I was a kid. Call me crazy, but the highlight of my day used to be stealing my mom’s catalogs and day dreaming about the fun rooms I would one day design. Years later, I am still obsessed and still daydreaming.


^ How cute are these pumpkins???

Homemade Pizza Night

After apartment hunting, we finished off our day with some homemade pizza šŸ™‚

img_6700I swear Ian had fun!

More Apartment Hunting

img_6727Sunday morning we woke up bright and early and grabbed some breakfast before heading off to more apartment tours. I needed to start my day with a nice cup o’ Joe.

img_6742The next apartment we toured was absolutely gorgeous. I LOVED the kitchens! However, the pricing was a little higher than what we were looking for. The layouts were also a little smaller than what we currently have, so that did not help either.. but at least we were making progress in our search!

img_6732^Check out this lobby! So cool šŸ™‚

img_6764After looking at apartments, we finished off our Sunday with some Chinese takeout at Ian’s parents’ home šŸ™‚

And that just about sums up my weekend! Lot’s of apartment touring!

Hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day Weekend!




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