Celebrations, Sweaters, New Beginnings & Winston Slobber🍁🍂

It’s finally Fall, and zohmygosh I am so happy! During my Trader Joes run yesterday, I caught myself gawking over all of their new pumpkin items. I am a little ashamed of how much of their fall collection I purchased 😬Looks like Ian and I are going to be eating lots of pumpkin this week!!img_6876Despite our not-so-fun commute to work, there have been a few mornings over the past week or two that have been absolutely gorgeous. Call me crazy, but I love a good foggy morning!


I also can’t help but feel excited just looking at all of the changing leaves here in Oregon 😁 I thought I would snap a picture and show you all!

While I would love to go on and on about Fall and how pretty it is, I do want to actually take the time to catch you all up on the past two weeks or so. With everything going on lately, it has been difficult for me to hop on here and update you all. So bare with me as I run through the past few weeks of my life!

37 Years and More to Come

Two weeks ago, Ian and I joined Ian’s parents in celebrating their 37th wedding anniversary. After driving to Springfield (which is 2 hours away from Portland) for my last meeting at my current company, I picked up Ian from his office and we met up with Ian’s parents at Brix Tavern.

Once there, we were seated next to a window with a charming view of the Pearl District and other people enjoying their evening together- whether sharing a meal on the outside patio of Brix, or grabbing a coffee from Barista – located just down the street. Everything about our table was perfect – ambiance, view, and most importantly – the company.

While I would love to write up a full review on how amazing all of the food was at Brix, I will save that for a later time. Being invited to Ian’s parents’ wedding anniversary was something else. I guess I have never really been to a wedding anniversary before, well, maybe once as a kid? Anyway, it was a really cool experience. I loved listening to his parents’ old stories and watching them chuckle while reminiscing over memories from years ago, but felt like yesterday. The craziest part? I felt like I was seeing their 20 something-year-old selves coming out as we all re-lived their stories from 37 over something years ago. I couldn’t help but thinking about what it would be like looking back on my memories from today in 37 years – would the same young hearted Brittany come out while telling my stories? Would I still be the same me? Just something I couldn’t help thinking about…

I guess I will never know how me, 37 years from now, will feel and think BUT I do know that I hope one day I am sitting at a dinner table – able to look back on my past with that same warmth that Ian’s parents were able to.

New Beginnings

For those of you who have been reading along or listen to my ramblings over the phone, you probably already know that there have been quite a few changes in my life lately! I typically try to keep my posts to sharing adventures & tips/ideas, but I also think it’s important to keep you all in the loop with things that are exciting for me 😊

As of a week ago, I have started my career in Product Management. For those of you who do not already know, I have wanted to get into Product Management for some time now.. so I am more. than. thrilled to say that I have finally made it. Not only am I stoked about doing what I am passionate about BUT I am also working for a really cool company with awesome people☺️ I have a lot to learn in the next few months, but I am so excited to expand on my knowledge and continue developing! I feel like a student again – and I love it!

Little Brittany Cheesin’ –  couldn’t help but think of this picture with everything going on. So here’s a pic of me, pretending to drive without knowing how to drive with a big ol’ smile on my face. That’s how I feel right now, excited about starting my new career.. without a clue as to what I am doing!

As for apartments, Ian and I will be moving this weekend into our new apartment! I am really not looking forward to the moving part… but I am stoked for our dramatically reduced commute time and proximity to our favorite stores and restaurants.

I am also beginning to realize that I have been getting better at adapting to changes in my life. I have always been pretty good at adapting, thanks to moving quite a bit growing up, but I have noticed that big life changes have been stressing me out less and less. In just 3 months, I have managed to move states, move offices, change my career, and move into another apartment. Safe to say, I am very excited to wind down and not move for a while, but I am still pretty proud of myself. I have taken a lot of chances lately and I think they are all turning out for the best☺️


While work and moving has been taking up a lot of my time and attention, I haven’t forgotten about dear Winston.. and trust me.. he hasn’t forgotten about me. He has been asking for loooooots of cuddles lately.

img_6889He also has been growing a lot. As of two weeks ago, he was 82 pounds (see in his Instagram photo for proof 😂). With that being said, I have been feeding him a lot. I even took him to Mud Bay, a local pet supply store, in search of salmon oil (for his joints – considering how much he has been growing) and it was an absolute blast! Winston got lots of love from everyone there and we walked out with lots of free samples! I highly recommend stopping by a Mud Bay if you have one near you.

lrg_dsc07381We have also been doing a lot of hiking lately. I used to hike a lot back in college and stopped once I entered the working world, but I have missed how refreshed I always felt during and after my hikes. That being said, Ian and I have been taking Winston with us to Portland’s gorgeous Forest Park.


To my surprise, Winston has been wonderful during our hikes. Walking him has been becoming more and more difficult lately, due to his wonderful stubbornness… and 82lbs of weight. However, during hikes, he calms down and enjoys walking through the woods – thank goodness!

Ian looking very excited during our hike

Not only has it been nice stepping away from technology and breathing in some fresh Oregon air, but it has been great finding a new trail that I really enjoy. I love trails that are enclosed by trees and greenery, so hiking in Portland has been wonderful.


I have also been really bad at bringing my camera with me places, so I have been trying to make more of an effort to start carrying it around with me again. My grandma also asked me to take a picture with Winston, so here you go Grandma!😋

More pictures from our hike:


Someone built a mini dinosaur park outside of their house and I thought it was the absolute cutest thing!



Well, it’s 10:00 pm now.. so I probably should head to bed. Call me an old lady, but I like my sleep. Who likes being tired at work?? Not me.

Have you been hiking lately?

Where is your favorite hiking spot?


One thought on “Celebrations, Sweaters, New Beginnings & Winston Slobber🍁🍂

  1. Change is a pain but it’s good for the soul. I’m excited for all your changes in your life. What a perfect time to change- during the fall!


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