Holiday Festivities & Family Visits🎄✨


Whew, it has been a while! I don’t even know where to begin. So much has happened since I last wrote. Maybe it will be easiest for me to do a quick recap of the last two months! 

End of September

  • Started working for my current company!
  • Spent a lot of time reading and learning more about Product Management
  • Went to OMSI’s Brewfest 

OMSI, or the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, hosts Brewfest once a year. During this event, they close off the museum to those under 21 years old and offer beer tasting to guests who have purchased tickets. Ian and I were more than excited to attend this year, so we bought tickets well in advanced and received their souvenir glass & beer sample tickets. It was absolutely amazing. We tried new beers, made friends with random people, and took lots of goofy pictures. 

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  • Moved into our new apartment – we are absolutely in love with it ☺️ Maybe I will post a few photos of it once our Christmas tree is up!


  • Visited Ian’s brother at Boise State University

Ian and I joined his family in visiting his younger brother at Boise State University. It was parent’s weekend and Ian’s mother’s birthday – so we just had to go!

img_7132After driving 7 or so hours, we ended up in Boise, Idaho! We began our weekend adventure by meeting up with Dan (Ian’s younger brother) and went out for dinner at Dan’s favorite dinner spot – Dharma Sushi & Thai and it most certainly did not disappoint. The sushi was delicious, especially for its price point! Wow is Boise cheap!


We then stopped for dessert at The STIL. which. was. AMAZING! My mind was blown. The STIL serves not only incredible ice cream, but also alcohol to pair with that ice cream. We tried their wine flight which consisted of four flavors (of your own choice) and wine to match each flavor. I still can’t get over how creative and delicious their sampling tray concept was. If you ever find yourself in Boise, I highly recommend treating yourself to some wine and ice cream and The STIL!

The very next day, we all explored campus and then watched a Boise State football game. It was a bit cold out during the football game, but it was fun seeing a horse run down the field and a dog retrieving the tee. 

Afterwards we celebrated Ian’s mom’s birthday at Bardenay – which was also delicious.


I failed to take pictures while there, so I borrowed this from their Google page. I was having too much fun that I forgot to take photos! Sometimes you just have to live in the moment 😊

  • Went to a pumpkin patch at Kruger’s Farm

Being the fall fanatic I am, I had to drag Ian to a pumpkin patch again this year. Seeing that I am new to Portland, I had to do some research and find the right pumpkin patch for us – and I sure did. Kruger’s Farm was an absolute blast. It was a tad crowded, but the overall atmosphere was incredible. There were so many delicious things to eat, and most importantly, they had roasted corn there. I mean, good roasted corn. I felt like I was a kid back in the Midwest eating their corn. Very nostalgic. 

If only corn looked at me like I look at corn
  • We visited Halloween Town!!

Yes, Halloween Town THE Halloweentown. For those of you Disney Channel folks, you know what I am talking about. I grew up watching Halloweentown almost every Halloween. After getting a text from my sister notifying me of Halloweentown’s close proximity to Portland, I knew that I just had to go. I alerted the troops and we were off to St. Helen’s, Oregon, where the movie was filmed. We also happened to visit during their 20th anniversary, which was pretty exciting!


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If I am going to be quite honest, we were all pretty disappointed by our beloved Halloweentown. While it was neat being able to see where the movie was filmed.. the town felt like a ghost town. There wasn’t much to do and the props used in the movie were majorly underwhelming. As a kid, I remember the jack-o-lantern out front of the City Hall being massive. In reality, it was definitely not. 

After visiting St. Helens, I discovered that the house that Bella (from Twilight) lived in was also in St. Helens. I am really curious as to why multiple films have chosen to film in St. Helens. Maybe because there is no one around to disturb during filming? Who knows.

  • Ian and I attended his mother’s art show


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  • Spent my birthday in Chicago!

bdaycollageAs we did last year, Ian & I spent my birthday this year in Chicago. I rarely get to see my family so it was a big deal for me being able to spend my birthday with them. We ate at my favorite restaurants (*cough* Egg Harbor Cafe *cough*), explored Old Town, and overall just had a great time together. I felt so loved during my birthday. Couldn’t have asked for it to be any better ☺️ 

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  • Went to my first Trail Blazers game!


Since moving to Portland, I have not been able to go to many professional sports game. Earlier this summer Ian and I went with a few friends to a Portland Pickles game (collegiate woodbat baseball team in Portland) and it was a great time. However, my love for hockey has left me feeling bummed out by the lack of a NHL team here in Portland. That being said, I have hopped on the Trail Blazers train. Ian loves watching them on the tv and I have yet to attend a professional basketball game – so I thought why not go to one?!

While I thought going to the game would be fun, I was shocked by just how much fun we ended up having! There was so much going on and for being a weeknight it was way more lively than I had anticipated. I can’t wait to go back!

  • My mom visited me in Portland!

Ian & my Mom at Salt & Straw

Last year my mom and I visited Portland for a few days, but since moving here my mom had not had the chance to visit until recently! Ian and I showed her our new apartment, took her around our favorite areas, and most importantly – the good food!

We started our weekend off together by strolling my favorite Portland neighborhoods, grabbing a Blue Star donut and catching up over coffee & tea at Barista, & playing with Winston.

We then headed over to Bridgeport to check out the early Christmas decorations and walk around some more 😊

A few months ago, Ian and I visited the Tillamook Cheese Factory and I was obsessed. If you missed my post on it, you can read it here – after finishing this post of course 😉 

My mom after hearing about how much I loved it, asked me if we could go there together when she came to visit – so fast forward a few months and it was time for us to head back! 

I think everyone had a lot of fun eating cheese and ice cream 😁Thank goodness none of us are lactose intolerant!! 

We then headed north to Cannon Beach where we enjoyed a beer at Pelican Brewery and the sunset on the beach. I wish we could all go back.

  • Everett came into town for Thanksgiving

After months of trying to persuade my brother to visit me in Portland, he chose to come and visit. Unfortunately, with it being Thanksgiving – his trip was very short and it was pretty difficult to show him around in such a short amount of time. However, I made sure to have him try Portland beers and eat lots of food because I mean, why wouldn’t you in Portland?

img_7848Thanksgiving of course consisted of lots of food as well. Everett and I joined Ian’s family in their Thanksgiving celebrations and it was a blast! I ate way too much. No regrets!



There you have it, the SparkNotes version of what I have been up to these past two months!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 


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