Pig Out @ Lardo

Today was just one of those days. One of those days where you crave a good ol’ sandwich. After staying late at the office, having a company happy hour, picking out this year’s Christmas ornaments (once the tree is decorated, I will post a picture of them), and finding a crazy dress sale – I was absolutely pooped. That being said, after dragging Ian to the mall with me to find our ornaments for this year, we both agreed to treat ourselves to a dinner out. To be honest, I just really didn’t want to wait until getting home to then begin cooking and eating for what would seem like hours later. Anyone else ever feel this way??



After driving by Lardo for the past few weeks, we decided to finally give Lardo a shot and try their famously satisfying sandwiches.


I chose to order their Korean Pork Shoulder sandwich and Ian ordered their Pork Meatball Banh Mi. Both sandwiches were extremely filling and rich in flavor. My sandwich not only contained Korean pork shoulder, but also kimchi. I am a huge kimchi fan – but I probably would have been ok with a little less of it on my sandwich. Regardless, my sandwich was still incredible.

LRM_EXPORT_6444106340855_20181129_224755274.jpegNot only were the two of us happy with our sandwich picks, we also loved the atmosphere and their string lights that outlined each window.



Website: http://lardosandwiches.com

Sandwich recommendation: Pork Meatball Banh Mi

Price range: $10-13 (per sandwich – fries not included)

Locations: Two locations in Portland – see website.

Drinks: beers on tap & plenty of cocktail options

Dog-friendly: yes, there is an outside porch area



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