Portland Night Market – Valentine Edition💗

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!💗

Do you guys remember the days when you would decorate a cute box for all of the Valentines and candy you would recieve? I do. I remember spending hours on cutting out construction paper and sticking them on to an old shoe box that I found laying around our house. I remember picking out little Valentine’s day cards from Walgreens and always looking for the most sparkly or funny cards to give out, only to sit for hours writing them out to my classmates. Little Brittany LOVED that stuff.

I would imagine that I looked something like this while writing all of my cards

As a kid, I came to understand that Valentine’s Day was about showing your love for those around you and for those you held dear. In class, we would all exchange valentines and have fun with heart themed arts and crafts. No one worried about what date they had planned for the night, but rather, enjoying the company of those around them. I really wish that this was something that everyone continued to hold on to after growing up. It seems that once you get older, Valentine’s Day shifts from a cheesy holiday where everyone gives and recieves kindness.. to people going crazy over who they will be eating dinner with or posting about their hate for the holiday. It always blows my mind. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be romantic, rather, it should be a day of appreciation. At least that’s how I choose to see it.

Ash & I as kids

That being said, I love Valentine’s Day. Not for the chocolate, flowers, or dinner dates.. but for what it stands for. I have always chosen to use this day to remember how much I appreciate my friends and family. Whether it’s sending a nice text message to a friend, giving someone a hug, calling my family, or reminding my loved ones how much they mean to me – I really celebrating those I love! So for those of you who dread this holiday, learn to shape it to be what you want it to be! No romantic interest? WHO CARES! Call up your mom and if you live nearby, eat some chocolates with her. I am sure that she would love it.. and so would you 😊

Portland Night Market

While we are on the topic of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would recap my weekend adventures which unintentionally happened to be Valentine’s Day themed!

So to get started, I begin by recapping this Saturday early afternoon 😊


Wanting to sleep in and take the morning slow, Ian and I decided to mozy our way over to one of my favorite coffee shops – Dragonfly Coffee House – for our daily dose of caffeine. For those of you who have never visited this adorable little gem of a coffee shop, I would describe it as cozy with lot’s of personality. It’s not fancy or modern like many of the coffee shops in Portland, rather, it has more of a small town feel to it. No matter what day of the week it is, Dragonfly Coffee House is always packed. People love it there. Grandma’s bring grandchildren to enjoy hot chocolates and a board game or two, remote employees type away at their computer’s while sipping on a latte.. or two, and french tutors can be overheard practicing conversational french. It’s absolutely wonderful there and honestly.. if I was a film director, I would have this be the set of a cozy sitcom.


It also happened to snow a few times last week which was VERY exciting for me. I mean, after growing up in Chicago where the snow doesn’t play around and studying in California, I thought that I would never miss snow again. I mean, I was completely over snow. I had enough of it. Or at least I thought. Now that I haven’t experienced a long snowy winter for several years now.. now I want snow. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side!


Seeing that Dragonfly Coffee House is always packed, Ian and I decided to grab our coffees and down the street to St. Honoré for a morning treat to pair with our coffees. There we each ordered a croissant and enjoyed them with our coffees while watching the snow gently drift outside the window.


We then picked up a fresh baguette for later that evening and headed back home to plan the rest of our day.

LRM_EXPORT_55065539998047_20190214_144042913.jpegThe snow was absolutely gorgeous that morning, so I couldn’t help taking 10,000 pictures in it. All photos were shot on my phone 😊Gotta love the Pixel!

Ok, ok so now for how our weekend festivities actually relates to Valentines day.


After months of wanting to go to the Portland Night Market, we finally made it out. The night market is only held on certain dates and for some reason I have managed to miss them all until now.


Once arriving at the Portland Night Market, you can enter in one of two entrance doors (that I know of ,that is). One door is for general entry and the other is for people older than 21 years old interested in purchasing a drink. Being a Saturday night, Ian and I chose to enter the later and were immediately carded and given a wristband. I almost regret not entering the other door, because there is a large heart entrance that they put up and it looked soooo cool.

LRM_EXPORT_59967207930094_20190214_163416105.jpeg For visitors older than 21, alcoholic beverages are available for purchase. Ian and I thought that exploring the market with a beer in hand would be a fun idea, so we both grabbed a beer before exploring. While this sounded like a great idea at the time, it was kind of miserable to be completely honest. I have never complained about having a beer be too cold, but let me tell ya, when you are walking around a cold room with a cold beer in hand.. it’s not that fun. My hands were so cold! So advice for those of you who find yourselves at this night market during the winter months, bring gloves, especially if you would like to enjoy a beer!


Also, how cute is this chandelier? I couldn’t get over the attention to detail that was had when putting this event together. The decorations were all so cute and well thought out. I mean, these people really didn’t hold back.

LRM_EXPORT_59764993115835_20190214_163053890.jpegBesides complaining about my hands being cold, I had an absolute blast looking through the different vendor stalls and gawking at the creativity around me. The neon lights and heart decorations throughout the venue created a cozy and fun atmosphere.


There was one section in particular that I loved checking out and it was the furniture and decor area. Go figure. I love furniture.


The venue itself was pretty large. There were two wings that you could explore with an upstairs area as well. Most vendor stalls were located on the main floor and a few vendors were on the second floor, however, much of this space was allocated to couches & a DJ! So in other words, it was a space to socialize outside of the crowds roaming the stalls below.


They also had cute decorations for people to take photos in front of.. or at least I did! 😂

I also shot a short video (above) of the view from the second floor deck. I probably looked like a crazy woman taking a bizillion photos and videos, but I was so excited to be there!

LRM_EXPORT_60482652402796_20190214_164251550.jpegAnd as if looking at all of the awesome vendor stalls and decorations wasn’t exciting enough.. they also had a food truck park outside for people to try popular restaurants in the area. I was STOKED. Can you tell by my face in the photo above?? 😂


Ian chose to try a plate kalua pig plate from Ate-Oh-Ate and it smelled and tasted (I stole a bite) amaaazing. Had my company not just catered from there, I may have ordered the same thing. I wanted to try something new instead.


I ended up ordering a Burlington slider from PDX Sliders. I have never eaten there before and after being recommended the Burlington slider, I decided to trust the people in their food truck and go for it! After waiting in line for my order to be ready, I noticed that most of the people ordering were actually ordering their fries rather than their sliders. Once I saw a plate of their fries, I understood why. The fries were topped with delicious looking meat and sauce. Had calories not been a things, I probably would have ordered one..

LRM_EXPORT_34109357036153_20190215_103856197.jpegAnd wow the sandwich was delicious. The ciabatta bread definitely added to the slider rather than detract from it. Sometimes I feel that buns on sliders or hamburgers kind of mute the flavor of everything else inside, so it was nice being able to taste so much flavor in such a small sandwich. The sauce on this baby was out of this world. My only advice to those of who find yourselves eating this? Grab lots of napkins. This slider may be pretty, but I likes to find its way onto your clothing..


Portland Night Market Info & Tips

For those of you in the Portland area who are looking to visit the night market for the first time, I thought it would be helpful to provide you all with some info and tips on having a great experience at the Portland Night Market.

During Winter Months:

  • Dress warmly! There is heating inside but it is still cold. Dress warmly especially if you plan on grabbing a bite outside
  • Bring gloves – this goes with the point above, but if you plan on sipping a beer, you’ll want to keep your hands warm


  • There is street parking available but seeing that this is a popular event to attend, do not be upset if you need to park a few blocks away. Might be easiest to take the streetcar. Most parking is free for 2 hours.

Basic Information

  • Admission is FREE
  • Cash and cards accepted
  • Event runs in any weather condition – so no need to fear it closing down for rain or snow
  • Not pet friendly – only service dogs allowed (also, I just wouldn’t bring my dog.. it’s so crowded that it would be probably very overwhelming for a dog)
  • All ages welcome
  • Events run from 4-11 pm


Upcoming Events (2019):

  • April 12 – 13
  • July 19 – 20
  • October 18 – 19

Seeing that events do not happen frequently (or as frequently as I would prefer 😉) be sure to put events on your calendar so that you do not forget about it.. because I may have made that mistake.. multiple times!

And now a few Questions for you:

  •  Have you ever been to the Portland Night Market?
  • Is there a local event that you enjoy going to?
  • Any favorite Valentines Day memories? Or funny stories?





2 thoughts on “Portland Night Market – Valentine Edition💗

  1. It’s good to see you both enjoy yourself on your days off. I can see you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Always love reading your blog! ❤️


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