Mid-week Meal Plan (7/31-8/4)

Happy hump day friends!

I know that I am a bit late to posting a meal plan for the week buuuuut life gets crazy, ya know? Well, honestly.. this week hasn’t been crazy. I have just been absolutely exhausted. I have a project next week that is going to launch.. so most my energy has been spent working this week. That being said, getting up before work for my morning runs this week has just not happened.. and I kind of feel bad about that.. but I am also just too tired to change that. *Sigh*

Fear not though, I am getting myself back on track and am here to hopefully motivate those of you who need a little motivating to do the same! Sometimes life can get a little crazy, but it’s important to take care of yourself through the busiest of times – whether that is through giving yourself a few days of rest or exercising your body and/or mind. So, without further ado, let’s get on to my meal plan for the rest of this week!

This Week’s Meal Plan:

Wednesday (7/31):

B: (coffee w/ Ian before work)

L: Bagel (from Dave’s Killer Bread – these bagels are the only ones I will eat these days) w/ an egg & 1/2 an avocado

D: zucchini noodles w/ cashew spinach tomato sauce – (experimented with baking my zucchini noodles after reading a blog that recommended baking noodles over any other method.. and I was not a fan. The zucchini noodles shrank significantly due to water loss and were not filling at all. The texture was also not ideal.. so I will experimenting more with zucchini noodles in the weeks to come)

Thursday (8/01):

B: banana & almond butter

L: Koia Chocolate Banana Smoothie

D: Chickpea salad w/ cucumbers & tomatoes

Friday (8/02):

B: banana almond matcha smoothie

L: 2 eggs & 2 thin slices of Dave’s Killer Bread

D: Swedish meatballs & roasted broccoli

Saturday (8/03):

B: banana almond matcha smoothie

L: (whatever we are eating w/ Ian’s family)

D: OUT!!

Sunday (8/04):

B/L: chocolate almond smoothie

D: Roasted red pepper cashew cream pasta

And there you have it!

A few questions for you!

~ How is your week going so far?

~ Have you ever tried Dave’s Killer Bread?

3 thoughts on “Mid-week Meal Plan (7/31-8/4)

  1. This comes at the right time…I need a little motivation! My diet needs a little tweaking. I need a substitution for my work’s amazing right out the oven sugar cookies 🍪


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