Music at the Zoo, Trip Prep, & Brunch w/ friends

Hello hello! It is currently 11:40 pm and I am starting to wonder if starting this post this late at night.. before work tomorrow morning was such a great idea.. but I am just going to go for it!

This past weekend was quite eventful, so I thought I would share it with you all on here! Photographs from this weekend are brought to you by my phone, the Google Pixel 3. I really want to get better about carrying my camera around more.. but my phone just makes it soooo easy. Anywho, on to what Ian and I have been up to these past two days!

Brunch at Bleu Door Bakery


I love brunch. I mean, it’s the best. I get to eat yummy breakfast foods for lunch but pretend that it is breakfast time still. What I love even more than just eating yummy breakfast food is doing it with good company.

One of my coworkers and I love getting together for brunch around Portland, so this time we thought we would shake things up and meet up in Vancouver, Washington for some brunch goodness.


My coworker and her husband are regulars at the Bleu Door Bakery, so they were more than excited to have us check out their neck of the woods and try this gem for ourselves.


I could not help but drool over their bakery items when walking in. Oh my gosh everything looked amazing!


Inside, the atmosphere was upbeat, clean, friendly, and sophisticated. Maybe I felt that it was sophisticated due to the chandeliers hanging overhead? Who knows. I loved it! I also enjoyed looking at their French decor πŸ™‚

Thanks to my coworker’s expertise, we did not have to wait in line for a table, but were seated right away. On Bleu Door Bakery’s website, you can join the wait list before arriving to cut down on your wait time. I highly recommend doing this if you plan on visiting because their typical wait on a Saturday can range from 45-60 mins.


To start off our brunch, we all ordered their house coffee and beignets. The coffee was on point and their beignets were incredible. I think the lemon curd that came with the beignets may have been my favorite part…


For my meal, I ordered their Bacon Benedict which was served with their house potatoes. My coworker and her husband raved about their benedicts, so I was very excited to try theirs since I happen to love a good benedict. Turns out, they make very good benedicts. Unfortunately, my coffee & beignet filled me up a bit before eating my food because I was only able to eat half of my meal and felt full for most of the day. If you plan on visiting Bleu Door Bakery be prepared to split a meal or have leftovers to take home – their food is filling and there are so many tasty things to try there!

As for Ian’s meal, he ordered their biscuits and gravy and was very pleased. He too was extremely full after finishing his meal but was blown away by the fact that their biscuits were made with cheddar and bacon and coated in a double sausage gravy. I managed to steal a bite of his food and was extremely impressed by how on point their biscuits and gravy were.

(Side note: I didn’t end up staying up all night to finish this post, so I am finishing it before work this fine Monday morning)


They also had these adorable mugs for sale and for select beverage use (such as their green tea lattes).


After brunch we all headed outside to explore the streets of Vancouver. It was Ian and I’s first time exploring Vancouver and it just so happens that we were there during their car show!



Despite how gloomy it was Saturday morning/afternoon, we had a blast strolling around town looking at old cars. How cute is the old Chevy in the photo above??


There were also a few strange cars πŸ˜‚


I also happened to notice this mural of Old Town Vancouver which I thought was funny seeing the old cars in the mural.. but also on the street for the car show!


As it turns out, there are currently over 25 murals in the city of Vancouver! I was able to see a few of them but definitely need to head back to check the rest of them out. The city even has their murals listed out on this website and includes their background information as well as geolocation for those interested in finding them!

Overall, Ian and I had a great time exploring Vancouver with our friends but I will definitely need to head back to really spend time in this cute town. I hear that the waterfront is beautiful, so maybe that will be the next spot we check out πŸ™‚

Music at the Oregon Zoo – Kamasi Washington & Herbie Hancock

Every summer, the Oregon Zoo hosts concerts ranging from folk music to rock. The zoo started this summer tradition in 1979 and since then has held concerts every summer starting in June and ending in September. This year, Ian and I decided to purchase tickets to see Kamasi Washington & Herbie Hancock.

Ian absolutely adores Kamasi Washington’s music, so when I noticed that the zoo hosting him I knew we needed to go. It was also our very first Oregon Zoo concert, so we were both very excited.


Not only is the venue a great spot for enjoying music during the summer, but it is also a lot of fun! You can explore the zoo with you concert tickets before the show and even see elephants walking around near the stage beforehand! I would say the concert tickets are definitely worth the money, especially if one of your favorite artists is performing.


Pro tip: arrive by at least 4:30 or 5:00 pm when the gates open if you have General Admission tickets. Ian and I arrived at the gates around 5:00 pm and were able to comfortably choose a spot to layout our things. By the time the concert begins (at around 7 pm) there are very few spaces left and you may not get to enjoy the concert on the lawn. People were sprawled out everywhere!

By the time it was almost 7:00 pm I started to feel my appetite come back from our large brunch and so I explored the zoo’s food options. To my surprise, there were very unique options available. Rather than just your typical concert foods, you had the choice of Mexican food, gourmet sausages, Thai food, & Ethiopian food. Wanting something a little on the lighter side, I opted for Ethiopian food. I mean, when do I ever get to eat Ethiopian food???



The food was great by the way πŸ˜‰

I also snapped this clip of Kamasi Washington going crazy on the saxophone. He was absolutely incredible!

Watching Ian take everything in was quite possibly the best part of the concert. We listen to Kamasi Washington in the car sometimes and seeing him perform live was just incredible. I think Ian was in his happy place during Kamasi’s performance :)


And how gorgeous are these lights??


Here is a short clip of Herbie Hancock playing:

I have decided that sitting and listening to live music outdoors is good for the soul.


We also split a scoop of Cookies & Cream ice cream from Ruby Jewel and I think that was also good for my soul πŸ˜‚

After the concert, we took a few pics on the way out of the zoo. I love the beautiful lights they have strung up everywhere πŸ™‚

Travel Prep

The next morning Ian and I took it slow before heading out the door to run errands in preparation for our upcoming trip. We leave this Saturday so I want to have everything ready to go before then to avoid last minute scrambling.


We needed a few household necessities and trip essentials from Target, so we drove out of the city to one of the nearest Target stores. Ian snapped this pic of me awkwardly smirking in one of the snack aisles.


Ian and I were starving while running errands, so I bought us a few of these RXbars. I have tried a few of their flavors in the past but this was my first time buying the chocolate mint flavor. It was alright, it did the trick of making me not hangry.. but the texture of these bars always seems to bother me. They always seem to get stuck in my teeth!


After Target, we swung by IKEA for clothing hangers. IKEA has very reasonable clothing hanger prices, so Ian and I have been working at slowly updating our closet to all wood hangers. A pack of 8 hangers costs $5, which is a great deal for wooden hangers in my opinion.


Ian loves hanging out on the IKEA couches πŸ˜‚


The downside to buying a few hangers from IKEA? Waiting in IKEA lines.. during back to school season. I really wish they had an express lane for people with only a few items to purchase. Oh well!


After running errands we decided to swing by Ian’s favorite restaurant in Portland for lunch/dinner.


Ian and I typically enjoy a beer together while at Fire on the Mountain, or FOTM, but lately we have been only treating ourselves to a drink during special occasions. Unfortunately, running errands does not qualify for a special occasion.. so I decided to try this kombucha from Brew Dr. I am a huge fan of green tea and lavender, so this kombucha seemed too good to pass up.


For my lunch/dinner, I opted for their Spicy Peanut Chicken Tenders Salad and wowww was it good. I have ordered this a few times but each time I get this I seem to forget how good it is πŸ™‚


Ian and I enjoyed eating our food while watching the Bears play (preseason). I have never been the world’s biggest football fan.. but I must say that I am excited for fall and with that comes football season πŸ™‚


After FOTM, we headed home to do exciting things.. like laundry! We then finished off our evening by going for a walk through NW Portland. I loooove looking at homes while walking or running. This house is one of my favorite homes to pass by. Each time I think about taking a photo of it, so I finally did this time!

And there you have it, our weekend wrapped up in a post πŸ™‚

Now your turn!

~ Do you have a favorite brunch spot?

~ What was the last concert you went to and when?

~ What are you looking forward most to this fall?


8 thoughts on “Music at the Zoo, Trip Prep, & Brunch w/ friends

  1. Hello! The bakery looks absolutely wonderful! I agree, there’s something so wonderful when it comes to outdoor concerts. I’ve always wanted to visit Portland, and really anywhere on the West Coast, but I haven’t had the chance to yet. I grew up in the East Coast and I haven’t really gotten a chance to explore the Midwest and beyond. I absolutely love IKEA! It’s such a cool place, and they live up to their meatball reputation. So good, thank you for sharing and nice meeting you!

    -Stephanie β™‘


    1. Oh you definitely should make it out to the West Coast sometime πŸ™‚ There is so much to do & see – not to mention, the food is pretty good out here! Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks like yet another great weekend had by you and Ian! I am not sure about kombucha but those flavors would entice me to try it.
    My last concert was with you actually and my next will be next month to see Elton John πŸ‘“


  3. Love reading your blog. I always look forward to reading it. You both sure know how to have fun on your week-end off. The food all looked scrumptious to eat..yum! The Ethiopian food looked delicious. So nice to see all your pics. I am so happy to see you both have fun in the sun. Enjoy your Costa Rica trip take slot of pics. See ya’all so! Love you, Grandma ❀️


  4. We’ve been to Portland once and the food was so yummy! I love that Washington is so close by that you can have brunch there…that’s fun AND increases the number of brunch spots πŸ™‚ Hubby is currently in Portland and send me a Snap of how gorgeous the city is!


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