Meal Plan (9/23-9/29)

Good morning and happy Monday everyone!

I posted one of my meal plans on here a few weeks ago and it seemed that many of you enjoyed that post so I thought I would try to post these a little more regularly. My goal is to have these posts posted on the weekend so that it gives you time to meal prep/ get meal ideas for the week, but sometimes my weekends can get a little crazy.. so these posts may be published on Mondays instead. Who knows!

This week’s meal plan:

Monday (9/23):

B: Green smoothie

L: Avocado toast

D: Leftover butternut squash soup (recipe here – I made a few small tweaks to the original recipe and can post it on here if you all are interested)

Tuesday (9/24):

B: Green smoothie or oatmeal

L: Eggs & Toast

D: Brown butter pasta w/ broccoli rabe (recipe)

Wednesday (9/25):

B: Green smoothie or oatmeal

L: Avocado toast

D: Orange glazed chicken & coconut rice (recipe)

Thursday (9/26):

B: Green smoothie or oatmeal

L: Eggs & Toast

D: Pasta w/ sweet potato & walnut cream (this is something I am experimenting with. If it turns out well, I will be sure to share the recipe!)

Friday (9/27):

B: Green smoothie or oatmeal

L: Avocado Toast

D: Green chile enchiladas (recipe)

Saturday (9/28):

B/L: Green smoothie or oatmeal


Sunday (9/29):

B/L: Pumpkin pancakes

D: Smoothie bowl

And there you have it! My meal plans for the week are more structured around dinner but have more flexibility with breakfast and lunch. I am a creature of habit and enjoy eating the same breakfast and lunch everyday. I switch things up once in a while but tend to gravitate towards the foods in the mornings and afternoons – hence the very boring breakfast and lunch meal plans. If you plan on using my meal plan for the week please feel free to switch up your breakfast and lunch options 😂

Want more meal plan ideas? Check out my previous plans here:


MEAL PLAN MONDAY (7/23-7/28)

A few questions for you!

~ Do you have a go-to meal? What is it?

~ Are you a creature of habit when it comes to food? Or do you need to change things up everyday to avoid going crazy?

~ Now that it is fall, do you have a favorite fall recipe/dish?


4 thoughts on “Meal Plan (9/23-9/29)

  1. I enjoy a nice cup of oatmeal especially that fall is here. I need to get into preparing avocado toast. I just hate when I don’t eat the avocado fast enough and have to toss out half of it a few days later.


    1. Yeah I used to have that problem but now I buy small avocados for single use OR I get large avocados but coat unused avocado with lemon juice and stick it in the fridge. I found that they can last a few days in the fridge when covered in lemon.


  2. I loved this post, thanks for sharing! It’s so fun to see what people eat everyday! I usually only eat dinner & snacks throughout the day but, always need to switch up what I have. It’s hard for me to eat something two days in a row. 😛 Would love to hear how the Walnut Cream Pasta turns out!!


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