Just a little all over the place

Oh how I have missed writing on here! I hope all of you have been doing well these past few weeks. Life has been absolutely insane for both Ian and I as of late. I mean, things were already a little crazy when Ian found out that he received a promotion AND would be transferring to his company’s Chicago office BUT man oh man when it rains it pours!


Last Wednesday, being the somewhat Type A person I am, I decided to check in on my apartment complex to ensure that the move-out process was going smoothly. You see, Ian was originally asked to transfer to Chicago with a start date of 11/18… but that changed after his office here in Portland needed his help and requested that his transfer date be pushed back to 12/2. While this would not have been the biggest deal in the world, it kind of threw a wrench in our plans. We had already given our 30 day notice to our apartment building AND had set our move-out date to 11/09 so that we could make our cross-country trek.

After having his start date pushed back, I called up our apartment complex right away to ask if we could change our move out date. This was my first mistake. The lady I spoke to on the phone assured me that it would be fine to move our move out date to 11/30, no problem. I then asked her to reserve a spot for our POD (a moving container that we can load our stuff into and have delivered to our new address) on our apartment’s street and she again, assured me that she added a reminder to our apartment complex’s calendar for 11/29. All was good!

But was it really? I called our apartment complex, as I previously mentioned, this past Wednesday to ensure that all was well.. and boy am I glad that I did! The woman who I spoke to on Wednesday assured me that all was well and helped me schedule our pre-move out inspection BUT called me back 15 minutes later to inform me that there was a mistake. You see, the lady who I had first spoken to, to change our move out date, never actually changed our move out date. To make matters worse, they had already leased our apartment building to another tenant.. beginning next week.


So I sat there. Stunned. We would need to move out that weekend and there was nothing I could do about it. After hanging up the phone after receiving this news, I called Ian and began planning our move. I ordered our POD and called Ian’s mom to ask her if we could stay at her house for 2.5 weeks. While the situation was absolutely horrible and I am still a little upset with our apartment complex, I am so happy to have the next 2.5 weeks to spend with Ian’s family before we move across the country.

IMG_20191109_092455 (1).jpg

So, Ian and I spent the remainder of last week packing up our things and then spent the entirety of our weekend loading up our POD with our belongings. It was absolutely exhausting. I am so so thankful for Ian’s parents. We lived on the 3rd floor of our building AND there was no elevator. Ian’s dad helped us move boxes and furniture down 3 floors and across the street for hours on end. Holy moly is he a champ! He’s around 2.5 times our age and probably is in better shape than we are!

After each full day of moving, we would return to Ian’s parents’ home only to have dinner & dessert waiting for us. Ian’s mom knew we would all be hungry after moving all day so she made us all food DESPITE just having her hip replaced. These people are absolute saints and I love them so much. I am so so lucky to have them as family ❤

Before turning in our keys yesterday, I snapped a few photos of our empty apartment in hopes of remembering this apartment one day years from now. I will probably put a few of these pictures in the yearly photo album I make but I thought I would share a few of the pictures I snapped with you all.

Leaving the apartment was so bittersweet. I was excited to finally be done with moving and cleaning.. but I was sad to be standing in our apartment one last time. This apartment was the first apartment we rented that I was absolutely in love with. I loved the large windows and the wood framing around them. I loved our gas stove and large refrigerator. I loved how close our apartment was to everything and how I could walk everywhere. I also loved the beautiful shelves Ian and I made together and how beautiful they looked on our walls with plants and books sitting on top of them. I also loved that Ian proposed to me in this apartment with Winston excitedly jumping around us (probably because the attention was not on him and something exciting was going on). It’s always sad saying goodbye to a place that you had fond memories in.

While I will miss this apartment, I will not miss how tiny it was and how our neighbors could see into our apartment.. and how they regularly admitted to creeping on us. One lady even admitted to us that she purchased binoculars to creep on people.. it was bizarre. I will also not miss having rent eat up my paychecks like this apartment did. It was cheaper than my apartment in the Bay area (and a lot nicer haha) but man oh man did I hate seeing my paychecks dwindle away after paying rent.

I will also not miss running up and down 3 floors everytime I needed to let Winston out.



So there you have it! Life has been absolutely crazy for us which is why I have been struggling to write on here but I will work on posting more regularly. I want to try to document our move, so I will try my best to hop on here whenever I can. ALSO I am halfway through writing up our Leavenworth recap post so hang tight! I was writing it on Tuesday and planned on finishing it on Wednesday.. but then found out I needed to spend the rest of my week packing. I can’t wait to share that post with you all though! It was such a fun trip 🙂

Now a few questions for you!

~ What have you been up to lately?!

~ When was the last time you moved? How did it go?

~ If you could move anywhere, where would you move?

8 thoughts on “Just a little all over the place

  1. OMG! I wasn’t expecting that you guys had to go through that much in moving. Moving itself is already crazy! I still remembered how overwhelmed we were while moving out of our old town home last September.
    Thank god that we have great family who were always there helping out when we needed them. It was a cute apartment you guys had. And I also liked the beautiful decorated hall way in the apartment complex.


  2. What a nightmare but you survived, way to go!! We moved around three years ago and I still remember it as exhausting even though we weren’t pressed for time like you. The last day was all about cleaning the old apartment but I had optimistically arranged to go to a friend’s party in the evening. At nine pm I had to admit that in addition to still having stuff to clean, I was bone-tired. What I learned about this was that when it’s time to move, it’s best to concentrate totally on that and not make any other plans!

    Right now I’m happy to live where I am, so I don’t have any inspiration to move anywhere. However, in my dreams, I would live in the center of Helsinki, in one of the gorgeous jugend buildings. As you can imagine, those apartments are really expensive and hubby isn’t into living in the city center, so I don’t see that happening anytime soon. But like I said, that’s fine, as I love our house and neighborhood right now. 🙂

    Happy weekend Britanny!


  3. Goodness, I’m so sorry they had the moving date mixed up, but that’s wonderful that you called to double check or that would’ve been even worse!! I’m hoping you all are enjoying your time with your in-laws until you can officially move! But no stairs? That sounds dreadful, but you definitely got your workout in! The decor of your old building was so cute and I love the aesthetic!!

    Originally, I had this strange desire to move to Vermont, haha, but I’m fine with being in Nashville as well. That would’ve been my second choice perhaps! Moving is so stressful, but at least you got the packing done! Now it’s just a matter of making sure that you can keep up with where you packed your essential items! 😂


  4. Wow!! Yes, it was all so very exhausting!!! Being well organized as you are made the transition all so very worth it! So many touching memories of your time living in Portland. Love all your pics!😁


  5. Wow!! What a whirlwind but, I am so glad everything worked out in the end. Ian’s parents seriously sound like superheroes. The last time I moved was from Minnesota to Nevada! Not sure I ever wanna go anywhere else again lol. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip! 💖 Safe travels!


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