A Bunch of Brunches

Hello and happy hump day!!

I was hoping to hop on here yesterday and catch up with you all on this past 3-day weekend buuuuut I had a ton of work to work on during my commute, so that did not happen.

Today however, I do have a few free minutes on the train so I thought I would pop on and say hi! This past weekend was honestly just what I needed. I have been running around a lot lately, so it was nice to just take it easy.. and brunch!

Friday kicked off my 3-day weekend with an incredible Valentine’s Day dinner at Sapori Trattoria. The food was incredible and the company even better πŸ˜‰ I actually wrote up a post on Ian and I’s Valentine’s Day that you can read here if you haven’t already.

Saturday morning started around 11 am for me. I usually wake up naturally around 8 or 9 am.. but I guess I was pretty tired that morning because I honestly probably could have slept in past 11 am. Wanting to take it easy (for once, I may add), I decided to make it my goal to stay in my pajamas and not leave the house. It was awesome. I edited photos, wrote a new post, watched some Netflix & YouTube and just took it easy!

Sunday morning Ian and I decided to head over to Chicago’s West Loop for brunch at Little Goat Diner. We have been making an effort to explore new Chicago neighborhoods on the weekend to help us get a feel for where we would like to eventually live. So, this weekend we chose to explore the West Loop.. little did we know that even if we wanted to live there, it would probably never be in our budget πŸ˜‚ I was shocked to see that 2-3 bedroom condos there are currently being listed for $1-2M! No thanks!

Anywho, we happily made our way over to Little Goat Diner and had an incredible breakfast. Ian kicked off breakfast with a Bloody Mary and I with a good ol’ latte.

I am not really into drinking alcoholic beverages in the morning, since they make me sleepy, but wow was Ian’s Bloody Mary good!! I actually never really liked Bloody Marys but couldn’t resist taking a sip after Ian’s face lit up after taking his first sip. It was flavored with kimchi and my goodness, it was amazing.

As for food, Ian ordered their Crispy Chicken Creole Sammie, and I their Bull’s Eye French Toast.

Ian’s sandwich, was of course, incredible. It consisted of crispy chicken breast, creole spice, tartar sauce, pickled jalapeno, and the usual sandwich additions of lettuce and tomato.

My french toast did not photograph well, but let me say, it was incredible. It was the perfect combination of sweet & savory. I loved the egg cooked into the french toast that spilled with yolk when you cut into it. Topped ontop of my french toast was crispy chicken and bbq maple syrup. Oh the sweet onion brioche they used as the toast? Yeah, that was incredible too.

me making my, wow this place is really good face

Needless to say, our brunch was incredible. Heavy, but so freaking good.

Not only was their food killer, but the decor & vibe in Little Goat Diner was also on point. I mean, how cute is this place??

I was low-key (or high-key, if we want to be real) really into their wallpaper.. is that weird?

After our delicious, but heavy brunch, we decided to go for a walk around West Loop. I was shocked that 30 degrees F felt warm to me! Maybe that’s because it was subzero the day or two prior to that πŸ˜‚

Brunch Date w/ my Grandma

Monday morning I met up with my Grandma for some grandma-granddaughter bonding time and well, brunch. Since beginning my long commute, it has been very difficult for me to talk to my family on the phone, so I was excited to be able to spend quality time with my grandma on my day off.

After eating out a bit more than I would have liked to this past weekend, I wanted to eat somewhere that would have “healthier” alternatives to the delicious, but dense foods I had been eating. That is when I found Beatrix!

And wow, was Beatrix a great choice for brunch! The atmosphere was modern yet cozy with plants everywhere. I felt like we were brunching in a Scandinavian city! Reminded me a bit of Copenhagen for some reason.

I loved being able to take in the atmosphere, sip on some coffee – which was also really good by the way, and catch up with my grandma. I love having time to just sip coffee and chat with her πŸ™‚ We always have so much to talk about!

When it came time to order food, I went with their avocado benedict and wow. My benedict was topped with chili verde, jalapenos, and tortilla chip strips. It was SO good. I have never had a benedict that had avocado in place of bread before, but I loved it.

My grandma & I post brunch ❀ I hope that one day I am as cool of a grandma as she is.

After brunch, we decided to walk off our food and walk around Oakbrook Mall which so happens to be where Beatrix is located. We had a blast looking through Anthropologie together πŸ™‚

Now that the work week has commenced, I am back into work mode. Ian and I ate out quite a bit this past weekend, so I want to get back on track not only health-wise, but also financially. We have a lot to be saving for right now, so I definitely will be cooking & eating in more for the time-being.

As always, I have a few questions for you all now!

~ Did you have a 3 day weekend this past weekend? If so, how did you spend it?

~ Favorite thing to order when getting brunch?

One thought on “A Bunch of Brunches

  1. Oh my gosh, Little Goat Diner sounds AMAZING. I love a good bloody mary & the way you described your french toast… whooooa! 🀀 An egg yolk, crispy chicken, & onion brioche bread?! Yes please! & I totally see your obsession with that wallpaper– so pretty!

    The time with your grandma sounds so lovely. What a cute brunch date!

    Thanks for sharing with us! β™‘


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