Take a Trip with my Favorite Travel YouTubers!

If you are like me and are living in a not so wonderful winterwonderland, maybe you are feeling the same way I am – looking for a reprieve from the cold and dreary weather which is your reality.

Fear not, I have a way for you all to escape that reality.. for FREE (and to be clear, completely sober)! Well, kind of! This travel is via the internet. YouTube to be exact.

If you are like me and are just itching to go explore a new faraway land, but maybe don’t have the time or resources to do so, there is still a way to get your travel fix.

Today I want to share my favorite travel YouTubers with you all in hopes of relieving any winter blues you may be experiencing or maybe even inspire you all to begin planning a trip somewhere, even if that somewhere is an hour from your house!

My Favorite Travel YouTubers

Bryce & Hailey

Bryce & Hailey are a couple based out of Minnesota. Their videos are beautifully edited and honestly just so much fun to watch. Their travels range anywhere from a state or two away from Minnesota to across the globe. They often times record their roadtrip adventures where they travel and live inside their van for a week or so at a time. I love how their videos make me feel like I am traveling right along side them!

Travel Style: budget-friendly & free-spirited

Iz Harris

Iz Harris and her husband John are insanely talented at what they do. The quality of their shots and incredibly professional editing alone makes me want to watch any video they publish BUT the places the go.. oh my gosh. The travel to the world’s most beautiful destinations! Just watch one of their videos and you will see what I mean.

I also really enjoy Iz’s sense of humor and her grumpy cat like attitude. I feel like I would really get along with her in real life.

Lost LeBlanc

If you are looking for more of a travel video with recommendations on where to eat and stay, Lost LeBlanc may be the right channel for you. His videos do a great job of showing the beauty of the destinations he travels to, but they also give you a better idea of what travelling there will cost you. His videos document the food he eats, local activities he partakes in, and where he stays – along with the cost to do so. This can be very helpful if you are interested in travelling somewhere but are not sure that the travel expenses there might look like.

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The Magical Forest

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His videos, like Iz Harris’s, are very well made. You can really tell that he has invested a lot of time and probably money into the filming and editing of his videos. The difference between the two would probably be that Iz takes more of a story telling approach and LeBlanc focuses more on recommendations on things to do and what to eat.

And there you have it, my three favorite travel vloggers! I am always curious to see who other people are watching on YouTube or following on social media, so I hope that you all found this interesting and maybe even a little helpful 🙂

~ Are you itching to travel? If so, where?

~ Have you watched any of these travel vloggers before? If so, who do you enjoy “traveling” with?

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