Staying Home & Exciting Life Updates🏡

Hi guys!

It has been a while since I have last popped on here, so I thought I would jump back on here and catch up with you all! For the most part, I would say that life has been pretty uneventful. We have been adhering to social distancing standards and have therefore not left the house for anything other than grocery runs once a week. My days are beginning to blur together and I am guessing it is due to the monotony of my daily routine which looks something like this:

7:00 am – wake up & cuddle Winston

7:30 am – check my phone, respond to text messages I missed, emails, or Instagram messages

8:00 am – roll out of bed, make coffee & scroll through Instagram

8:30 am – shower and get ready for work, aka.. change my clothing and brush my hair & teeth

9:00 am – begin working

12:00 pm – make lunch & take Winston for a quick walk (if the weather is tolerable). On Mondays & Wednesdays – Ian and I workout during lunch.

5:00 pm – wrap up work

5:30 pm – actually finish working & start cooking dinner

6:00 pm – enjoy dinner with Ash & Ian

6:30 pm – (if the weather is nice) go for a post dinner walk

7:00 pm – watch Supernatural (Netflix) or American Gods (Starz)

9:00 pm – read a little, scroll on Instagram, fall asleep

And that has been my day-to-day lately! I do practically the same thing everyday… but honestly, I have been kind of enjoying it. I mentioned in my previous post that I have been feeling a bit run down lately, so having a monotonous routine has actually helped me to gain back my energy – finally. It has taken me just over a month of practicing social-distancing to feel my energy return to me, so I am excited to get back into my creative flow and perhaps work on more content 😉

Just a photo I snapped of Winston last week when it snowed here in Illinois. Crazy weather we have been having here!

There is one little life update I do want to share with you all though. As some of you might know, Ian and I have been (before this quarantine) commuting to work for around 4 hours a day while we saved money for our wedding coming up this October and to pay off debt so that we could also begin saving for.. a place of our own (that we would own). While I wanted to stay out in the burbs to keep saving money, Ian and both reached our limits with our commute and began looking for a place to rent in the city. Well, we found the right place for us and are moving in next month! We are so excited to move into the city and and cut out commute time down from 4 hours a day to a mere 80 minutes. We will be renting a cute 2 bedroom condo in a really cute (and safe) area that is extremely walkable and close to everything we need. It’s going to be great! The only downside? We are pushing our goal of buying our first property in 2020 to probably 2022. While we are definitely bummed to continue paying rent instead of a mortgage.. we are also grateful to have more time to figure out where we actually want to plant roots for the foreseeable future.

The other downside, or upside considering how you look at it, to us moving into this condo is that.. we got rid of 90 % of our furniture when we moved from Portland to the burbs of Illinois. That being said, we are starting from scratch in terms of furnishing our place – which is exciting but also daunting. Let’s just say that I have lots of budgeting to do in the next few months 😉

I did, however, purchase our first new piece of furniture this weekend and am so so excited. When I furnished my first apartment straight out of college, I chose to purchase very cheap furniture. While it did look pretty decent, the quality definitely began to show over the years as pieces broke or ripped. That being said, Ian and I are choosing to take our time with furnishing our new place by only purchasing furniture that will 1) we will want to keep when moving into our first place (we own) 2) be durable, especially with a 120lb dog running around our place 3) that we can afford – meaning that we will not be opening a credit card to purchase anything. So, it will probably be a few months before we have a fully furnished place and that is totally fine. For now we have a beautiful couch that I ordered this weekend 🙂

I have been really getting into interior design lately and have been honestly using my Instagram account to just look at interior design accounts and renovation photos. That being said, if you guys are interested in me eventually sharing photos of how we end up decorating and designing the condo we will be renting, let me know! I love home decor content but understand that not everyone does.

Besides signing the lease for our new place, prepping to move, and buying a couch – not much else is new with Ian and I. We haven’t been doing the greatest job at wedding planning lately, so I hope to focus more on our wedding in the next few weeks. We currently have a:

  • Caterer booked
  • Meals selected
  • Photographer booked
  • Venue booked
  • Church booked (the church I grew up going to!)
  • Dress ordered 🙂
  • Bridesmaid dresses picked out
  • Almost all the bridesmaid dresses ordered

And then there is the list of things we still need to do… like:

  • Hire a DJ
  • Book a decorator – we are currently working with a designer that we may choose to hire. We just need to finalize a few things first before making a deposit 🙂
  • Find a florist and buy plants/flowers
  • Rent tuxes for groomsmen AND for Ian!
  • Purchase flower girl dress
  • Pick out and purchase ring bearer outfit
  • Plan transportation
  • Book ceremony musicians at our Church
  • Book flights for honeymoon
  • Plan honeymoon
  • Book hotel(s) for honeymoon
  • Find makeup artist – this is a big one for me considering I have had some makeup fails in the past 😂 (feel free to read about this in my Engagement photo post)
  • Find hairstylist
  • Order a cake or maybe even donuts since I really don’t care about cake if I am going to be honest
  • Plan rehearsal dinner
  • Buy wedding rings
  • Order wedding invitations
  • Plan guest favors
  • Select readings for ceremony
  • Plan & craft decorations – the decorator we are planning on hiring will just be hanging lights and creating a backdrop essentially
  • Get dress fitted
  • Get bridesmaid dresses fitted
  • Obtain a marriage license
  • Buy wedding party gifts
  • Think of songs we really want to hear at the reception and give those songs to our DJ
  • Finalize guest list
  • Create seating chart

Ok, I think you guys get the point, there is still a lot to do BUT the biggest things have been completed. I have been getting a lot of questions lately in regards to the wedding and how planning has been going, so I thought I would update you all. There is still a lot for us to do but we still have around 5.5 months to get the rest of our checklist completed 🙂 Wedding planning is pretty stressful if I am going to be honest, but I am so excited to have all of our loved ones in one place.

A sneak peak of our wedding venue!

Now I want to hear from you all! Please feel free to answer my questions in the comment section below so that I can read them 🙂

Your turn:

  • What have you been up to lately? What does your day-to-day look like?
  • Do you want to see more interior design related posts?
  • Do you want more wedding planning update posts?
  • What did you do this past weekend?

8 thoughts on “Staying Home & Exciting Life Updates🏡

  1. Congrats on finding a place in the city to rent and cut down your work commute! I’m sorry that this prolongs getting a house sooner, but the day where you’re living in one will be here before you know it! The venue is absolutely stunning; I can’t wait to see the decorations and pictures if you share a post of your wedding!

    I love those types of couches and have fun decorating as well! 🙂 You’ve got a way better structured schedule laid out than I do, haha. I need to be firmer with mine even though I’ve been working from home for over a year. Wishing the best with moving and planning during a hectic time! Definitely share some wedding planning and interior design posts! ♡ Take care and stay safe!


    1. Thanks Stephanie!! We are very excited to move in and get married soon – well in 5 months haha.

      And yeah, I am kind of a creature of habit.. so routines are my thing haha. I feel so off when I don’t have a routine!

      Hope you are enjoying your Friday (in)! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I am so happy you guys found a place that works so well and has a better commute!
    That couch looks so beautiful and I would definitely like to see interior design stuff.
    I hope you guys are doing well!!


  3. I’m glad the monotonous routine is exactly what you need right now! Everything fell into place at the right time!
    Congratulations on finding the right place! 4 hours of commute is HELL.
    Oh no, a pity it’s pushed back but you’re right, it gives you more time to save plus plan for a better home too! I LOVE HOME DECOR!
    Pleasssee share your furnished home when you are ready and all the planning process! Wooo! That is ALOT you’ll have to do for a wedding wow! And your venue looks ethereal!
    2020 sounds so exciting for you!!
    My day-to-day has been pretty bad to be honest, between eating and sleeping, I lack the motivation to be productive sadly.


    1. Yeah I completely understand that feeling. I have definitely felt less motivated lately too, I think trying to stick to a routine has helped me a lot though! Just know that it is ok to feel unmotivated.. especially when there is so much anxiety out there in the world ❤ you got this, we got this 🙂

      Sending good vibes your way ❤


  4. Hey Britt. So glad we got to talk on the phone this morning. It was so nice to hear from you. Yes, there is a lot to do and think about, but then again, a lot has been done already. I am so excited for you and Ian. I love your chgo apt. So very cool and trendy the new sectional you bought id perfect exactly the way you described it. Love it will all fit so nicely. Thanks for sharing! Love Gramma ❤️


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