Pig Out @ Lardo

Pig Out @ Lardo

Today was just one of those days. One of those days where you crave a good ol' sandwich. After staying late at the office, having a company happy hour, picking out this year's Christmas ornaments (once the tree is decorated, I will post a picture of them), and finding a crazy dress sale - I [...]

A FAIR-ly Good Weekend

Hello friends and family! It is currently Sunday and I am currently sitting on my sofa watching Gotham and thinking about how excited I am to go to work tomorrow. HA! Why do weekends fly by so fast? With our lease coming to an end this October, Ian and I have started looking around for [...]

Midweek Catch up & Cinco de Mayo Festivities

Helloooo and Happy Hump Day! This week has gone by both quickly and slowly. Besides working, sleeping, and eating... I haven't been doing very much. My evenings have consisted of playing with Winston, cooking dinner, and watching Grimm with Ian. I would also like to point out that Winston is absolutely crazy. The photo above [...]

A Night in SF

Holy moly. How is it already Monday?? This weekend went by waay too fast. Never have been bar hopping in SF, Ian and I decided to head to the city and test out a few destinations. One of my coworkers raved about a sports bar downtown, called Golden Gate Taproom, so we decided to begin [...]